Are you a fan of ReCapturit's mission? Are you interested in being more involved in our community? Do you have valuable items that you'd like to keep out of the dump, but don't know what to do with? 
Read below for useful information on Salvage Sellers in your area, paint recycling resources, and things you can do to encourage local businesses to sell online. (So that you can continue to shop from home.)
Donate Your Old Materials

Use these interactive maps to find a salvage store near you, and potentially one of our very own ReCapturit sellers!
Find a Salvage Store Near You

Explore Salvage Stores Across the Country

Help Local Businesses Sell on

 Want to encourage your local salvage store to become an online retailer on Introduce them to us, with this printable "Sell This Item On ReCapturit" PDF. Print it out, attach it to your item, (we recommend painter's tape or similar) and give it to your local salvage store. 

Click Here to Open and Print Our "Sell This Item on ReCapturit" PDF

Donate Unwanted Paint
Gone are the days of kitty litter and garbage cans. These days old paint is collected and processed to be sold again, better than before. Our friends at have processed 50 million gallons of paint, stain, and varnish since they were established in 2009. Click here to visit their website and find a drop off site near you.