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Whether you are looking to include a focal point mantel, hardwood flooring, or beams, reclaimed wood pieces are known to be sturdy, highly valuable, and have an amazing Story of Origin. ReCapturit is proud to offer a variety rediscovered lumber products.

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"The ubiquitous lumber product known as the 2x4 does not, in fact, measure two inches thick by four inches wide. The naming of this building material is the result of compromise between forestry technology, species' properties, forest composition, transportation efficiency, construction speed, and price competition. To accurately reflect its dimensions, the 2x4 should be renamed the 1½ x 3½."

-Oliver J. Curtis


The dimension lumber sizes and the standardization process in the US have changed over time.

In the 18th century, most sawmills were small and could only produce boards of a few different widths. The introduction of steam power in mills in the late 1800s led to a need for standardized lumber sizes.

In 1916, the National Lumber Manufacturers Association (NLMA) introduced a system for specifying lumber dimensions based on actual dimensions of the boards.

This system was replaced by ANSI/ASME Y14.5-2009, which is still used today and includes three main categories: nominal dimensions, basic board thicknesses and basic board lengths.

A more in-depth look at the history of the 2x4 can be found here:


The below list of wood species are considered hard to find and difficult to get naturally because of heavily protected areas or endangered status: 

  • American Chestnut "The American chestnut tree survived all adversaries for 40 million years, then disappeared within 40."
  • North American Elm - Dutch Elm Disease has ravaged these stocks
  • Some species of Teak
  • Cuban Mahogany - Historically, mahogany is arguably the most celebrated and revered cabinet and furniture wood in the world. Cuban Mahogany has been used extensively in cabinetry and furniture.
  • Lebanese Cedar - Cedar wood is prized for its fine grain, attractive yellow color, and unique fragrance.
  • Honduran rosewood (Shame, it was a very beautiful wood.)

Become part of the reclaimed community and feature these gorgeous pieces of wood, keeping them out of the dumpster, making you money, and giving these trees a second life!

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