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The ReCapturit® Director of Business Development is a key member of the management team, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Director of Business Development has accountability for leadership in all areas of Business Development, including new business opportunities, vendor and customer relationships, supply chain development and assisting with growth and development of new businesses, business models and sub-industries fostered by ReCapturit’s influence. The Director of Business Development works closely with Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Technology.
The ReCapturit® Web Manager reports directly to the Director of Technology. The Web Manager has accountability for maintenance, security, updates, and upgrades, as well as addition, modification, or creation of new websites and/or web pages as part of the ReCapturit Technology Team. The ReCapturit Webmaster collaborates closely with other members of the Technology team/pillar, as well as with Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service, and Technical Support for mutual collaboration and benefit.
The ReCapturit® Marketing Support Specialist assists in most, if not all aspects of the ReCapturit® Marketing Plan to achieve the financial and strategic objectives of the marketing plan. The ReCapturit® Marketing Support Specialist works directly with the Marketing & Communications Director, and collaborates as needed with Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, & Account Management. The ReCapturit® Marketing Support Specialist shares in the accountability for bringing traffic onto the ReCapturit marketplace.
The ReCapturit® Customer Service Specialist position is often the first point of human contact for Buyers, Sellers, and others at ReCapturit. As such, we expect the utmost, the highest level of Hospitality and service to all customers, while resolving their inquiries, questions, concerns, and even complaints. The ReCapturit® Customer Service Specialist monitors and responds to incoming messaging in various forms from customers, users of the ReCapturit website, for their questions, inquiries, comments, and complaints regarding their use of the services, and answers or directs these messages to their respective resources for resolution, including for technical support, website use, account setup, and any and all customer service requests.

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